Earn online from best URL Shortener in Urdu (Adf-ly)

Earn online from best URL Shortener in Urdu (Adf-ly)

Today, I am going to share a method with you to earn online from a URL shortener (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us Shorte.st). Although, there are websites for shortening URLs. Some of them pay nothing and other who pay is equal to nothing (Legit/Scam)!

Guess What? I will share only the best URL Shortener (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us Shorte.st) website from I already earned online!

Earn online from URL shortener, Adf.ly
Best paying URL Shortener

Everyone wants to earn online! Do you also?
So just Stay with us!

Although I us Adfoc.us and Shorte.st but above all Adf.ly is the best paid URL Shortener!

There are many sites who provides free services to short URLs. But there are also some paying websites from which you can earn online money just to shorten URLs and by sharing them with friends or on you own websites or blogs. 

You can also earn by their referral scheme. Adf.ly, Adfoc.us and Shorte.st are one of the popular and Legit URL shortening site to get paid. 

These URL shortening websites normally pay 0.3 to 7 $ per 1000 URLs views.

How URL Shortener (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us, Shorte.st) website works

Below is detailed Urdu guide how these URL Shortener works. And how you get paid from these legit URL Shortening Websites.

Earn using adf.ly
Get paid online from Best URL Shortener website

sharing shorten urls to earn
How it works

withdraw money by payoneer
Withdraw earn money by using Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoin

Free Signup to URL Shortener (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us, Shorte.st) website

Links: Adfoc.us | AdfAdfly http://adf.ly/?id=715693Adf.ly | Shorte.st

Is URL Shortener (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us, Shorte.st) legal or scam?

These are the legal and the best websites paying regularly to its members for URL Shortening. I'm also using them in my blogs. 

In fact, I earned $100 from these Short URLs websites.

So don't worry about your online earnings. Even if you have question then just to Google to get some reviews (Adf.ly, Adfoc.us and Shorte.st) from other websites.

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Update: Facebook does not allow to share these paid shortened URLs. So avoid sharing the Shortened URLs (by Adf.ly, Adfoc.us and Shorte.st) on Facebook.

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